A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

One cat is not enough, how many cats is enough? If you don’t think there is a possible answer to that question this game is for you. What could possibly go wrong? Find out with Cat Lady Simulator 2020.

Manage your money and keep your cats happy to not lose your mind. Pay attention to your hygiene lest an unfortunate fate may befall you.

Install instructions

You will need to extract the zip and then run the application.


Lnx.zip 28 MB
Mac.zip 26 MB
Win.zip 24 MB


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I'm a little confused about feeding the cats -- it doesn't seem to work for me. This must be intentional, maybe? Anyways, great game -- I love what I played so far!

Honestly at the end of the jam the cats feeding hit region was a little buggy due to a flag not resetting. Walking away from the can opener and then re-approaching it will reset cats that are not feeding. Holding the feed button can also help.


I followed  you on Twitter and couldn't wait for this one!